Frequently Asked Questions

How to I report a problem, make a complaint or give a compliment?

Click here to tell Norwich City council about anti-social behaviour.

Email Norwich City Council to tell staff about damaged bins or trees, potholes etc and if you would like to  compliment them for something they are doing in the park.

Norwich City Council invites feedback on its parks through this form.

What about broken equipment in the children’s play area?

Broken or damaged play equipment should be reported to Norwich City Council by emailing or calling 0344 980 333.

What are the opening hours of Eaton Park?

Eaton Park is open all the time.

How do I book a room in the Community Centre?

Please phone the Booking Officer on 07917 872205. Email

How can I join Friends of Eaton Park?

Download a form here.

What happens with lost property?

Lost property can be handed in to Eaton Park Crazy Golf (near the children’s play area and rose garden). If it is not collected in 30 days, good quality items are given to a charity shop. Call by or contact Rob Trown on

How can I report graffiti in the park?

Click here for information and a form to use to tell Norwich City Council.

I want to organise an event in Eaton Park. Who do I ask about this?

For sponsored walks, bands, gigs or performances, exhibitions etc contact the events team at Norwich City Council:

Can we hold a party in Eaton Park?

Norwich City Council classes anything less than fifty people as normal use of the park, especially if you are using the park for usual park activities such as a picnic or games. If you want to bring in gazebos and other items please email at Norwich City Council to request an application form.

I want to make a film in Eaton Park. Who do I ask about this?

For filming and similar activities contact the events team at Norwich City Council:

Can use a drone to film in Eaton Park?

No – Norwich City Council is not giving permissions for filming with drones on Norwich City Council sites or from any site in Norwich.

How do I book a sports pitch?

Contact: 01603 894140,  Charges here.

I want to bring my dog to the park. What do I need to know?

Click here for tips and FAQs on dogs in Eaton Park.

What about problems with dogs?

Click here for how to report dangerous dogs, cruelty to dogs and stray dogs.

When are bands on in the park?

Bands play on the bandstand four to five Sundays each year, from 3pm to 5pm.

Check out News and Events for details.

Are street performers / entertainers allowed to pitch up in the park as they can in the city?

Yes. There are no restrictions as long as they are not a nuisance.

Can we get married in Eaton Park?

Norwich City Council does not have a licence to hold marriages in the park.

Can we have a BBQ in Eaton Park?

The Council does not allow barbecues in any of its parks or open spaces.