Eaton Park Cycling Community

Eaton Park’s Cycling Partnership
Eaton Park Community Centre, Friends of Eaton Park and Cycling UK are working together to make Eaton Park into a hub for cycling development.  We are installing bike stands, building partnerships,running regular cycle rides for local people (see below) and we run an annual bike day.

We’re also campaigning for Norwich City Council to introduce cargo bikes in the park, reducing the use of trucks for general park maintenance.

Dr Bike or getting bikes working again
Eaton Park hosts several Dr Bike events each year. These are promoted on our Facebook page and the park notice boards. Just bring along any bike that needs a once over, and mechanics will get your bike working again, within reason!

Learning to ride a bike
Eaton Park is ideal for learning to ride a bike. There are level pathways, quiet times of the day, and there’s no traffic.

Little Riders offer one-to-one and group training from toddlers to teenagers, and from balance bikes to the nationally recognised Bike-ability standard for confident cycling for life.

Smart Cycle Training is run by Matt Williams, a national standard cycle instructor accredited by the Department for Transport.

Getting out and about on your bike
If you want to build up your confidence cycling on the road, meet new people, or just enjoy a lovely ride on a great new route, we’re offering easy-going and sociable, monthly cycle rides.

Our friendly and experienced ride leaders plan the route beforehand and choose ones that avoid heavy traffic as much as possible. There’s always a stop for a drink and a chat and if you’re new-ish to cycling, you’ll come away with lots of good new road techniques and ideas.

Community rides take place monthly and start from Eaton Park Community Centre. Full details are provided beforehand in monthly emails. For more information or to ask to go on the mailing list just email

Opportunities for people who have a visual impairment
If you have a visual impairment you can still join us for a community bike ride using our tandem or tandem trike. Just say when you sign up with Stuart and he will book your choice of tandem and arrange for an experienced ‘pilot’ to ride with you.

You can get an idea of what our community cycles are like by watching a short video of a ride here and here