It costs £35 per year for a family/household to join Norwich Parks Tennis. Membership allows you to book a tennis court up to one month in advance and guarantees the court will be waiting for you when you arrive. The scheme is massively popular and the number of registered players has recently exceeded 1500. It’s great to see such a wide variety of people playing tennis whether this is in the coaching sessions we offer, or with friends and family; daytime or at night, when the floodlights are turned on.

More and more people are taking up the game and accessing the coaching programme to brush up on their skills. Norwich Parks  Tennis offers a wide range of professionally led coaching options including sessions for children, adult and cardio tennis, as well as our female only Tennis Tuesdays which are part of the This girl can campaign. All sessions are competitively priced and offer different options for different levels from beginners to experienced players. If you think you might like to get involved you can book a free first session to see what it’s like.

tennis-2 Often with tennis the challenge is finding someone to play with. Our coaches offer social sessions on Saturday afternoons where you can come and meet new players. You don’t have to be a member to take these up as they are open to the all members of the public. To ensure everyone gets a good game there are two sessions, one for beginners and the other for more experienced players. If you fancy giving it a go then drop them a line for a free taster.

Eaton Park is becoming the hub for tennis in Norwich city and gaining a reputation as ‘the place to play’. To cope with the increasing interest Norwich Parks Tennis has taken on the three courts by the bowling green so that it now has seven courts in total. This means more options to book a court and choices of different scenery within the park! It is hoped that in the future a ‘pay and play’ system for use with mobile phones will still allow for occasional last minute and one-off use.

The local tennis league is a great way to be get to play competitive tennis against a good range of players of a similar standard. Norwich Parks Tennis League hosts the biggest local league in the UK. It’s a great way to meet new players and to challenge and learn new skills. Feedback from participants is fantastic so we tend to steer reasonably competitive players in this direction.

More information on all of the above can be found on our website